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Here at Dr. Walker's dental practice, we understand your smile is a fundamental part of your personality, and our loved ones know we're truly happy when we smile big—so don't go on being ashamed to smile because you are unhappy with your teeth. Our practice offers a range of services which will have you back to smiling in no time.

Teeth whitening

A smile is an important aspect of everyone's personality and now you can get that perfect smile in an hour's time with our quick and effective teeth whitening with Zoom™!

Teeth whitening with Zoom™ has become very popular to make your teeth ultra white. This dental service is ideal for patients looking for immediate results. Busy individuals can also take full advantage of this dental service as Zoom™ takes two hours to make your teeth shiny white.

Why do teeth get stains?

Tooth discoloration or staining can happen because of a number of factors: aging, excessive drinking of coffee, tea or wine; smoking; and sometimes even because of genetic reasons.

What is Zoom™

Zoom™ light activated whitening gel is pH balanced with hydrogen peroxide used to remove deep stains and discoloration.

Zoom™ light activates the hydrogen peroxide and helps it to gently penetrate the surface of the tooth. Zoom™ gel lightens the stains and makes your teeth six to ten shades whiter.

Effectiveness of Zoom™

Teeth whitening with Zoom™ has revolutionized the cosmetic dentistry tooth whitening process and is a great alternative to the professional tooth whitening tray system as it gives immediate results. The process takes two hours and the patient can relax during the whole process listening to music or watching TV. The process is painless; however, your teeth may be sensitive after the treatment:

    • The dental practitioner prepares to isolate your lips and gums for whitening.
    • The Zoom™ Whitening Gel is applied to your teeth.
    • This gel is activated by a specially designed light.
    • The light allows the gel to penetrate your teeth and breaks up stains and discoloration.
    • Then a five minute fluoride treatment is given to decrease the hot and cold sensation.
    • After the process your teeth become at least six to ten shades whiter.

    Come to Dr. Judy Walker's dental practice, a trusted Greensboro, NC, dentist, to get sparkling white teeth. Our aim is to help you benefit from our restorative dentistry, preventive dentistry, and cosmetic dentistry services. Make your appointment today!

Porcelain veneers

Veneers are a perfect solution for many people seeking that perfect smile. It is a part of “cosmetic dentistry” and is used to correct both color and shape problems, close spaces between teeth and set right uneven, chipped or cracked teeth. These problems may occur due to:

  • Staining or discoloration
  • Aging
  • Chemical damage (like medication) to teeth
  • Excessive intake of coffee, tea, soda, and tobacco
  • Genetic reasons

Veneers are an ideal alternative to crowns and give back your dazzling, white smile. You can get straighter, whiter, natural-looking teeth in less than two weeks by using Dr. Walker’s porcelain veneer treatment. Come to us for a gorgeous smile!

Veneers versus whitening

Teeth whitening brighten a smile, but this is effective for teeth with mild discoloration only. In major cases of discoloration, veneers are the ideal choice. They are durable and last for a longer time as compared to tooth whitening solutions. The porcelain veneers we fabricate are high-quality and enhance your appearance.

Procedure of attaching a veneer onto your tooth:
  • We will first examine your teeth to get an idea about the condition and best veneer treatment for your teeth.
  • After the examination, we devise a veneer treatment plan depending on the patient’s need. We also ensure that the tooth color is closest to your natural tooth color.
  • Next, comes the preparation of the tooth for which local anesthesia is given to ensure that you are at ease during the treatment. Then an impression of the teeth is taken and sent to the dental laboratory for fabrication of veneers. A mold is prepared from the impression used as a temporary veneer.
  • The patient is advised to wear temporary veneer until the permanent veneer is ready and specify the adjustments to be made in the permanent veneer.
  • For the final fixation of the veneer, local anesthesia is used for patient’s comfort, and the teeth are cleaned before the veneer is finally fixed onto the tooth. With the help of a special curing light the glue/cement is hardened.

Tooth fillings

Tooth colored (resin) fillings are now the standard of care even in back teeth. Metal fillings, also known as amalgam, have been replaced by natural-tooth-colored fillings that make your smile beautiful.

Tooth colored fillings are the latest in cosmetic dentistry. The use of composites for tooth colored filling in place of amalgam is a safer and better solution. Also, tooth-colored fillings are long lasting as they are bonded onto your teeth.

Dr. Walker's tooth colored fillings provides you with a refreshing smile. The procedure is simple and painless and performed in one visit. Tooth colored fillings are ideal for:

Cavity restorations: Tooth decay (cavities) will not get better without treatment. Decay progresses and if left untreated can cause the patient pain and increase the cost of treatment if a root canal is required. We use composite material (tooth colored) to restore the tooth after the decay has been removed. Composite has long been accepted as the standard of care for front teeth and in the last 20 years, the back teeth as well. Tooth colored fillings can enhance the patient’s smile greatly.

Silver-free smile: Get rid of those ugly amalgam fillings with more attractive and safer tooth-colored fillings. Go home with a beautiful silver-free smile.

Aesthetic look: Tooth colored fillings look very natural. By replacing broken or discolored fillings in the front teeth, a patient can enjoy a more confident smile!

Tooth colored fillings last for many years, depending on the following factors:
  • Daily maintenance and cleaning of teeth.
  • Smaller fillings last for a longer time than larger ones.
  • The area or the tooth which is filled.
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